In an Emergency

If you have a medical emergency and require an ambulance call 999 from any phone.

Text Relay – Dial 18000 for EMERGENCY calls


A medical emergency is something that is potentially immediately life-threatening and below are some examples. 999 is provided by Northern Ireland Ambulance Service.

  • Sudden collapse and person unresponsive or not breathing
  • Suspected stroke or heart attack
  • Person unconscious perhaps after heavy blood loss or accident
  • Collapse preceded by facial swelling and wheeze (probable anaphylactic shock) or choking episode.

You can also go to an Emergency Department for serious injuries or conditions or for less serious conditionsĀ such as sprains, minor cuts, minor burnsĀ and grazes you can go to a Minor Injuries Unit. You do not need an appointment. Click on the links below for Emergency Departments and Minor Injury Units in your area.